Blowdries and bevs at Uptown Funk… don’t believe me just watch!

Posted On: 22/08/2015

By: Scarlett

If I’m ever left to my own devices whilst getting ready for a night out I have a very specific process that I tend to follow. It goes as follows:
  • 6pm: Shower
  • 6.15pm: Lie on the bed in a towel for two hours watching smoky eye tutorials on YouTube
  • 8pm: Cry into the mirror because my hair’s dried weird
  • 8.15pm: Attempt a smoky eye. Badly. End up spending twenty minutes trying to match up winged eyeliner. Pour myself a double.
  • 8.45pm: Break down after an altercation with an eyelash
  • 9.00pm: Ring my mates to tell them there’s just no way I can possible ever consider coming out looking like Hagrid after a heavy one in the GBar.
Safe to say I need all the help I can get!  So last week I decided to spare myself the horror show, and booked myself in for the full works at Southport’s Uptown Funk… and I’m never looking back! So, without further ado, here are three reasons you need to Uptown Funk yourself up!
It has a fully licenced bar
Yes, you heard that right; Uptown Funk has its own fully stocked bar for all your pre-drinking needs. Not only that, it has its own, signature cocktail which you’re presented with on arrival! So whether you want to relax with a Prosecco while you get pampered, or go down with your mates for a few while transforming from a 6 to a solid 10, they’ve got you covered – after all, getting ready is usually the best part of the night!
You can get everything done in one place
You can get your hair, makeup and nails done – all whilst sipping Strawberry Pimms and listening to the gossip. Gone are the days of rushing across town, sweating your smoky eye off in a desperate attempt to make your hair appointment before some vulture steals it.
It’s like a night out in itself
Between the ever-flowing cocktails, the blaring music and the fab staff who make you feel like one of their oldest bezzies within a few minutes, by the time you come out you’ve already felt like you’ve had a night out. It’s perfect if you’re planning a hen do, a birthday or even just your average Saturday mad one with your mates.
The only problem with Uptown Funk, for us Sassy Birds, if the fact that Southport is a bit of a trek. But luckily, Uptown funk are setting up shop in Tracey Bell's Clinic in Liverpool this September. So watch this space!
Scarlet xoxo

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