The Mun: Hot or horrific?

Posted On: 17/04/2015

By: Jill Fogg

So, the glorious man bun is upon us as a new trend for men of all ages. The male top knot, the Mun, the short back and sides with a testicle on top. Am I missing something? There are loads of trends going around recently that I can't decide whether I love or loathe, but the Mun made my decision really easy.

Whilst on a serious retail mission I happened to cross paths with what can only be described as a mid twenties hairy spice boy sporting a sumo rats tail scrunched into a bun on the top of his head. Now I am not one to stare, but I was dumbstruck with horror; my pearly veneers hit the floor. I couldn't believe what I had just witnessed. I had to have a stiff vodka in the Slag and Lettuce to calm my nerves - after scooping my face up off the floor outside of Topshop of course.

Since that fateful day I have had to suffer the sight of these so called muns, which are not cool I might add, on a regular basis. To sport one of these you need to have the oversized facial beard to match. I mean, you cant have your Ethel Austin purse to go in your Micheal Kors bag now can you?

To sport one of these bacteria ridden nests of facial pubes they call a beard and the hair testicle atop the head you must have swag.... whatever that means. I think you get it by the till in Topman. Basically you have to be skinny (because muscles are too mainstream) not shave for 6 months, get a pair of your nieces peddle pushers and incinerate all your shampoo and hairbrushes for this look to work.

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Fellas... if Bradley Cooper can't pull this one off, neither can you.  So do us all a favour, fish out ya mums fabric scissors and just chop away. Left right and centre cause either way it needs to get GONE! 

Bradley -Cooper -with -a -Man -Bun -600x 450


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