The Endless Quest To Find The One: Coral

Posted On: 13/06/2015

By: Sarah Garvey

I remember laughing at my mums never ending pursuit to find the perfect lipstick 'the one'. Our bathroom was full of overflowing make up bags and tubs of varying shades of what I remember being bronzy- rusty- orange (it was the 80s /90s) my mother would refer to them as 'misty rust' and 'copper brilliance' etcetera, but no matter how many she accumulated they just didn't seem right. She came close once - a Cover Girl number in a bronzy, rusty orange shade. She used this bad boy out until all that was left was a sad little pointed stump.
On a little visit to Boots to replace her lipstick mum was beyond gutted to find that they had stopped stocking Cover Girl -shock! Cue me being dragged around town and my mum desperately waving her tragic stump in the perfectly made up faces of make up counter ladies. 
The woman was distraught- I was in bits laughing thinking she was nuts! Fast forward 10 years, she wasn't nuts... I now feel her pain. Not a lover of rust myself I now follow in mother's footsteps and desperately seek the perfect 'coral'- Not too bright, not too pink, not too matt, don't want a gloss! Jesus, why is it so hard? 

During my pursuit to find the perfect coral I have found four little beauty's that are 'nearly' perfect:

Clinique Pop in 'Melon Pop'


This is a new formula that combines lip primer and lipstick in one. Great for me when I want to wear a brighter colour as my lips can be dry. 
Due to the primer the lipstick feels moisturising and your lips are left looking in great condition. I thought it might have been a bit 'lip balmy' when I first bought it but it isn't and has fairly good staying power. 
I would describe the shade as a neautral coral which would suit most skin tones. Great for an everyday lipstick. Available from Debenhams for £16


Revlon HD in Hydrangea


This lipstick has a gel like formula which similar to the Clinique lipstick is very comfortable to wear and feels moisturising. The shade is amazing and is more of a true red/orange coral. Perfect for when you need that little extra colour to brighten up your make up. This would be suitable for daytime and looks fab with a slick of gloss for going out. I will be wearing this a lot. Plus it smells of suncream and who doesn't love that. Yum. Available from Superdrug for £7.99 

Illamasqua in Over

This shade is more of a neon orange coral. It's not for the faint hearted but it's gorgeous worn with a flick of black eyeliner and would look fab with a tan and some bronzer. 
The pigment in this lipstick is amazing, not to mention the staying power. I wore this when I went out for a meal and nothing was budging it. I had to remove it with micella water when I got in. 10/10 for gorgeous colour and staying power. However the shade is very matt and because of this it can be dry- I thought it was fine though if you use a bit of lip balm before applying. Available for £19.50 from Illamasqua

MAC in Flamingo

This is a 'lustre' which means it's slightly translucent. It's a beautiful pink coral that really lights up your face. I think this would suit a lot of people and the shade is great for those who don't want a too bright shade. The staying power isn't bad but not as good as the others, despite this I will definitely repurchase this lipstick in the future. Available from Debenhams for £15.50

Full Size Render
Swatches from top to bottom - Mac, Illamasqua, Clinique, Revlon

This summer the shops are packed with corals, and If your looking for a great shade to take on holidays with you hopefully you can try out one of my faves. After all, my mum always said 'you can't go on holiday without an orange lipstick and a pair of silver shoes'. Although I would say gib the silver shoes and spend your money on lippies... Coral ones! 💋👄💋


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