QUIZ: Who Are You At The Office Party?

Posted On: 16/11/2016

By: Scouse Bird & Zoe Yak

Now it's time to find out which outfit matches your party style...

And if none of these tickle your fancy, you can see the whole drop dead gorgeous Very party dress collection here.

Golden Girl

It's as golden and shining as your personality and work ethic - and Myleene is the ultimate good girl. Myleene Klass Sequin Wrap Dress £100 - Very.co.uk


It's bold, it's red and it's the colour of love (and the devil on your shoulder). Origami Pleat Dress £80 - Very.co.uk


This embellished minidress looks just like armour - and yours is bulletbroof. Rochelle Humes mini dress £100 - Very.co.uk


Pleated rose gold wide leg trousers and a crop top... could you be anymore on trend? Wide leg metallic pants £28 - Very.co.uk


Ok so maybe you's rather talk about the centre of attention than BE the centre of attention but there ain't nothing wrong with that. Just make sure you stay out of trouble. River Island Velvet Slip Cami Dress £32 - Very.co.uk


Always classy, always groomed and never out of style.... Myleene Lace Maxi £110 - Very.co.uk

Party Girl

It's as fun and sparkling as your personality. Is it silver? Is it blue? just like you, you never know what you're gonna get! Miss Selfridge Blue Metallic Dress £49 - Very.co.uk


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