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Posted On: 12/06/2017

By: Scouse Bird

I'm on a bit of a mission. I've never been an amazing dresser, I often get it wrong and I've made some shocking wardrobe choices in my time but I'm trying to be a better person when it comes to fashion.

After giving birth, I felt so uncomfortable in my body that I really didn't care what I wore, it was just whatever fit me. Now i've lost the baby weight I'm starting to have fun with clothes again and I'm on a mission to clear out everything from my wardrobe that I don't absolutely LOVE to wear.

I can't even tell you how satisfying this is. I'm sick of looking in my wardrobe and hating everything, so I've had a ruthless clearout and bit by bit I'm selling everything on eBay (boobleyboo) and Depop (ScouseBirdProbs) so I can buy more clothes (obv). But I bought a load of wooden hangers off Amazon and it just looks so PRETTY having all the same hangers. Highly recommend a wardrobe organise - it's good for the soul.

scouse bird organised wardrobe eBay wooden hangers

Here's what I wore this week and where to buy:

Outfit 1 - Preparing for New York

scouse bird what i wore outfit dorothy perkins liverpool fashion blogger

If you've never been to an Outfit store then you haven't lived. Instead of trawling round Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins, Topshop etc, you can just go to an Outfit and they're all in one place. I went to the one in Chester (Broughton Park) this weekend to do some pre-NYC outfit shopping. We have got an Outfit in Speke but the one in Broughton Park is MASSIVE!

From the tropical print pants, to bright orange top and straw hat I'm in good old Dotty P's. I love Dorothy Perkins because it straddles the age groups really well - it's not super young and it's not super old, it's kind of for everyone. I found LOADS there, so keep your eye out while I'm in NYC, I may well be sporting more.

I also picked up this dead cute Miss Selfridge puff sleeve wrap blouse - I love all the amazing detail on it; perfect with white jeans and wedges or wa?

scouse bird liverpool fashion blogger miss selfridge pink shirt

scouse bird liverpool fashion blogger miss selfridge pink shirt (1)

scouse bird liverpool fashion blogger miss selfridge pink shirt (2)

Thanks so much to Outfit for being invented. You are boss.

Outfit 2 - Shopping

scouse bird wasted heroes scouse bird skull t shirt liverpool fashion blogger

scouse bird wasted heroes scouse bird skull t shirt liverpool fashion blogger (1)

I posted this t-shirt up and youse all went crazy for it. I don't blame you. I saw it when I was pregnant ages ago and then last week I remembered all about it and went searching for it. About an hour later I finally found it and ordered it's head off. It's so cool isn't it? It's by a local company called Wasted Heroes and I've agreed with them to stock it on my site so you can get yours there. The t-shirt quality is fab, none of that fruit of the loom crap and the sizing is true (a medium is about a size 12).

The jacket and shoes are from Just Fab - with a name like that, I can't really get anough of shopping there. I actually bought the boots in the winter and the jacket qute recently but they match really well. I'm not sure if they still have the exact boots but these Leander ones are very similar and the jacket you can find here.

As a tall girl, I find it hard to find jeans to fit properly, high waisted ones never seem to sit high enough and low rise... well let's just say they don't cover my dignity. When I find a pair of jeans that fits, I tend to buy them in every colour and these are no exception. These are the Ella high waisted jeans from Very in black glitter (I have them in indigo and white too). They even have tall and petite versions - YASSSSSS SLAY VERY!

See you next week and I hope you've all had a wardrobe clearout by then 💋


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