The Royal Court: Scouse of The Rising Sun

Posted On: 02/12/2016

By: Michael Ashton

Xmas is Liverpool wouldn't be Xmas without the Royal Court Xmas show (and new PJ's obv).

For those of you who don't know, the Royal Court's had a fab make-over this year and it's looking gorge (thanks to funding from the Heritage Lottery, Liverpool City Council and European Region Development fund. Nice one!0. The Royal Court isn’t like other theatres, it’s a proper night out with a wine and dine experience before the show and the scran is always on point. 

The Christmas show at Royal Court has become a tradition to many Scousers and it's how we kick-start our festive period. For the last seven years the show has been written by the very talented Fred Lawless but this year Kevin Fearon takes the wheel. He stays true to what the loyal audience knows and loves but adds his own originality. The script was hysterical, witty, political and current. Shade's thrown at Trump and a certain Brexit Enthusiast. One of the characters, Boris (played by LIPA Graduate Michael Fletcher) is a Russian man fretting that, “If I do not get a job soon, Theresa May will send me back”. My fave line that had me proper cryin’ was, “As part of our bid for Arts Council Funding the next scene will include contemporary dance”. Genius.
The show follows lazy-arse fuck-wit Terry, (Red Door Management’s Michael Ledwich), worlds’ worst pilot Carrie Oke, (Rose Bruford Graduate Keddy Sutton) and dim-witted Clare Crow played  perfectly by show-stealing, Scouse Rebel Wilson a.k.a Lindzi Germain. These three gobshites are Liverpool’s only hope of survival. Bitter bell-end Kim Young, (RADA trained Alan Stocks) plans to bring Armageddon to Anfield and re-bomb the bombed out church with a big fuck-off missile.

Under Bob Eaton’s fantastic direction, the whole cast are incredible. They bring the room to life with their talent, experience and humour. I could write a whole review on Lindzi Germain’s portrayal of Clare Crow alone. Clare is single, an Aquarius, 5’7 and a size 12. She lost her virginity at Pontins and her favourite wine is Rosé, who’s isn’t? Lindzi had me in tears with the line, “Facebook, Instagram, Grindr. You name it I’m on it”. Aren't we all girl?

The song choices, band and choreography went together like the perfect ménage à trois. The playlist consists of more than just your old favourites such as Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight and The Smiths – Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want, but also some originals such as my new favourite airport banger, “Nothing in your pockets? Did you pack your bags yourself? Any liquids? Any drugs? Are you a terrorist?”. Also special mention to the dramatic song including the lyrics, “Don’t by the Sun. They’re lying Scum”. Never forget.

I honestly couldn’t recommend a better Christmas show to get you PYSLing (Pissing Yourselves Laughing) this festive season. Don’t miss-out, it runs till 14th January 2017, get your tickets here now.

Merry Christmas ya filthy animals.


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