The Full Monty

Posted On: 09/11/2016

By: Zoe Yak

Your poor old dad doesn’t half get a hard time of it on the internet, doesn’t he? We’re all skitting him for enjoying Top Gear, making Yer Da jokes at his expense and generally implying that he’s living life as an hybrid tribute act of Alan Partridge and David Brent.

However, after watching The Full Monty at The Empire in the company of many middle aged women, I feel we’re missing a golden opportunity to even things up a bit and call your ma out for stuff. With the promise of a bit of nudity, she’d necked a few rose wines with the girls and was ready to wolf whistle her way through the evening. I sat in the midst of HRT and Opium perfume and had an evening of entertainment presented to me before the curtains went up.

So what’s so good about the show that got your ma and her mates from Slimming World so excited? Based on the 1997 hit film, it’s a tale of the dark days of unemployment under Thatcher in the steel city of Sheffield and .... actually, I'll stop - I don't need to reel off the whole synopisis do i? We've all caught the Brit hit on Film4 by now, haven't we? Starring former Hollyoaks Hunks* Gary Lucy and Chris Fountain, as well as Liverpool favourite Louis Emerick (Brookie's Mick Johnson), the theatre production stays pretty much true to the original script from the hit Brit Flick. 
*Sorry, been hanging out with your ma too long and picked up the lingo 
The Full Monty
So how does it transfer from the screen to stage? In short, it's certainly a show of two acts; in that the first act is pretty boring and you find yourself cringing at Gary Lucy's attempt at a Yorkshire accent more than you do laugh (It makes his work on Footballer's Wives look like high art) but the second act is hilarious; from the iconic dole queue boogey to the big finale (lots of arse on show for your mum to 'Whoooop' at) it certainly makes up for a lacklustre first half. The incident with Chris Fountain with what I'm assuming is a fake penis is worth the ticket fee alone. It was also nice to hear Louis Emerick get a great reaction from his home crowd and his appearance towards the end of the first act certainly got the pace picked up and dragged the show to life. 
It pales in comparsion to the film but you know what, take your mum, have a bev and you'll find yourself actually enjoying yourself more than you would do sat at home watching it on TV. Just don't take it too far and buy a Hunks 2017 calender or anything. 
The Full Monty runs until Saturday 12th November at The Liverpool Empire and you can buy tickets here.
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