5 reasons why you NEED Jam in your life

Posted On: 17/08/2016

By: Scouse Bird

Ay ay, how does Bob Marley like his donuts? Wi’jammin! Soz about the pya dad joke there but couldn’t resist.  There’s a new bar and restaurant opened up right next to The Met Quarter and y’all need to know about it. Let me tell you why you need a bit of Jam in your life…

Their afternoon tea

Afternoon tea. Years ago it was unheard of but now it’s having a bit of a moment. Much like the anti hipster twitter account @wewantplates (which rants against establishments that serve full English breakfasts on a shovel or chips from an arl shoe) Jam have taken it back to basics and made afternoon tea so goddamn beautiful. There’s no scones served on Ikea shelving units here - you’ll be Instagramming the edible flowers all over the show.


Find this picture over on @thesassybird and enter our afternoon tea competition with @jamrestaurants 😍😍😍

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Their amazing signature cocktails

Yeh yeh, we’ve all drank cosmos and pornstar martinis til they’re coming out our ears (or our pores the next day) – boring! We want something else to wow us. Jam have an expert mixologist  (fancy barman) - who’s also easy on the eye btw – and he’s created a signature cocktail list to die for. The marshmallow martini is a must try and keep an eye out for their seasonal specials like this amazing rainbow one they did for Liverpool pride!

The classy setting 

Cool greys, purples and silvers are all you’ll see in Jam. It’s just so tranquil and the perfect spot to grab a relaxing cup of tea or lunch after blowing half your wages at Illamasqua in the Met Quarter. It’s also perfect for special events - if you’re looking for a cute venue for a baby shower or at least want to start your hen do in somewhat of a classy manner then Jam is certainly a ‘thing to do in Liverpool’.


The dead boss chef 

Jam have a top chef and not only can he rustle up some seriously mouthwatering mains (see below) but he also makes his own jam from scratch every day (he had to really didn’t he?) and you’ll find it in their afternoon tea and cocktails. It’s fiiiiit.

Fish Cakes


Bus stop adjacent

Tough day in work? Just leave the car in town and have a few medicinal cocktails in Jam – it’s literally right next to the bus stops on Sir Thomas Street. Go on girl, you deserve it.


For baby shower/hen do/event bookings contact  info@jamrestaurants.co.uk


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