The Xmas Gift Guide for Young Babies

Posted On: 07/12/2016

By: Scouse Bird

Being a new parent is scary. Just as you're getting to grips with keeping your new baby happy and alive, Xmas rolls around and now you have to figure out how to buy for their first Xmas when they're developing so fast!

Once babies can walk and talk, buying presents for them becomes soooo much easier. Children are literally the easiest people in the world to buy for because they just want everything. Babies under one get totally overlooked when it comes to Xmas gift guides and to be honest, they're hard to buy for! You can't get them anything too advanced but you can't leave them out of Xmas and let's face it, they probably got 283 cuddly toys when they were born. I cast my net, trawled forums and asked friends - here's some gift ideas for the under ones.

10 Things to get for babies


They might not appreciate this until their older sure, but when they are, they'll love this little commemoration of their first Xmas. As they grow, they'll love helping decorate the tree with it and you know it's gonna be cute as hell. Then one day, they'll probably take it and use it on their own tree when they grow up and leave you 😥

My first Xmas bauble £9.99

Personalised book

The Lost My Name books are AMAZING and their latest offering - The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home is no exception. You go onto their website and input your child's name and address and it creates a personalised story book incuding their name and even aerial pictures of your house and city. It's something they'll cherish because it was made just for them. They also do an amazing original 'Lost my name' story where your child goes on an adventure, meeting lots of different animals, who help them remember and spell out their name. Everyone should have one of these books. Such a good idea.

Personalised book £19.99 Lost My Name

Hush Nelly Light & Sound Soother

If there's one thing that fascinates babies, it's lights and sounds. This gorgeous little projector will turn their nursery into a colourful starry sky and the optional lullabies will hopefully (please god) send them off to sleep.

Hush Nelly Light & Sound Soother - £14.99 Argos

Smartrike Infinity 5 in 1

Who says prams have to be boring? The Smartrike is a stroller that your child will actually want to go in. It’s basically a pushchair but it has a trike on the front meaning it’s technically a toy as well. It comes with a canopy, a little backpack, a basket on the front for putting things in AND (my daughter’s fave bit) it has a toy mobile phone with fun buttons for them to press. You can even teach them from an early age not to drive and text! It’s suitable for your child from about 9-12 months for the next 2-3 years. Now that’s the gift that just keeps on giving…. 

Smartrike Infinity 5 in 1 - £119.99 Smyths

Royal Muslins

Ok so you didn't get the three kings to come to their birth and while your baby may not appreciate this right now per sé, they'll certainly look back at photos when they're older and thank you for being top parents and dressing them like royalty. No really, royalty. These gorgeous metallic muslins and swaddlers are not only beautiful but aden & anais are used by Wills & Kate to swaddle their babies and if it's good enough for royalty...

Three pack of metallic muslin swaddles - £38.95 aden & anais

Tiffany for babies

Molly Brown London has been described by Vogue as like Tiffany for babies. Their elegant, high quality necklaces and ID bracelets will be something a daughter can treasure forever. The question is, do you go for her first diamond or her first pearl?

Personalised 'my first diamond' identity bracelet - £45 Molly Brown London

The Hungry Caterpillar

It's a classic, it's been going since we were kids. I wish I could eat and eat and eat and turn into a beautiful butterfly, but alas, I just turn plus size. Baby might not be able to understand the story right now, but they'll love the colours and the high contrast pictures and it'll grow into a firm favourite.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - £4.99

Scouts Colour & Count Band

Both babies and parents will love this, not only are there plenty of sounds, colours and interactivity (for baby), it'll also help teach them numbers, colours and even musical instrument names (for the parents). Perfect for when your baby starts learning cause and effect (from about 5-6 months). 

Scouts colour & count - £16.99 from Toys R Us

Personalised Brush

They might not have long flowing locks just yet (although some might!) but it won't be long before you have to keep the tats at bay and Rock & Ruddle have these dead dead cute little hairbrushes that you can have personalised. Awwww!! You can even choose the bristle type based on the age you're buying for.

Personalised brush - from £25 Rock & Ruddle

Door sign

HOW CUTE? Let people know that your 'mini-me' is catching some Z's and to keep the noise down with one of these fab wooden plaques from (my shop)

Sleeping prinny & little lid signs - £9.99

Probably best buy a Santa outfit in the January sales too, next year it'll be dressing up time for you...


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