What To Get Your Bezzy Mate For Xmas

Posted On: 17/11/2016

By: Scouse Bird

Sometimes it's hard trying to figure out what the hell to buy everyone for Xmas so I cast my net far and wide to see if I could find some really cool or useful things you can get for your loved ones this Xmas.

Six Things To Get Your Bezzy Mate For Xmas

Christmas is the most stressful time when you've got a bezzie that's already got everything. What do you buy her? I got your answer right here; Artistry liquid eyeshadow. It can look a little scary to try as it looks a bit like a lipgloss, but oh my GOD it's perfection in a tube. It glides on smoothly with an easy applicator and still blends like butter. It's a perfect glittery foil-like shadow and the pigmentation will make your heart throb. With it being a liquid, there's no shimmery fall out on your perfectly blended foundation - what more could a girl want? Perfect for a spot light smoky eye and will definitely stop the "I'M NOT EVEN GOING OUT" tantrums when your taxi is already on it's way.

spotlight eye - xmas gift guide

Xmas Makeup

Artistry liquid Eyeshadow Trio - £33.45 Amway


Xmas season is officially party season with Boxing Night and New Year being THE biggest party nights of the year. The guys over at pinkparcel.co.uk have created the ultimate party clutch; not only is it rose gold *slobbers* but it contains absolutely everything your partner in crime needs to get her through the season. And I mean it. There's vitamin tablets to stave off the hangover, eldora lashes, a mini Tangle Angle, full size make up palettes, mascara, lippy, pamper products, tampons and even some SASS (basically Febreeze for your ladybits 🙈). In fact the contents are worth, on average, £138 and the whole thing is only £29.99. B. A. R. G. A. I. N.

pink parcel bag

Available from the end of November at Pinkparcel.co.uk


We all know selfies are life. Make sure your bezzy mate always has the best lighting for her selfies (and isn't that the best gift ever?) with this clip on selfie light from The Sassy Bird. Fits any phone - just clips on and off - and has adjustable light settings meaning fire selfies all day errrr'day.

Clip on selfie light from £12.99 The Sassy Bird

Rose Gold is SOOOOO amazing - like how has it taken so long to come into fashion, it's amazing, I'm 31 and only just discovered I have a favourite colour. This rose gold cuff from Lola Rose at WatchShop.com is gorgeous & classy (just like your mate would like everyone to believe she is - but you've seen her at 4am eating chicken wings so you know different) - it'll set off any outfit for years to come. It'll never go out of fashion - just like friendship.

Full Size Render

Lola Rose jewellery - Watchshop.com


Jewellery is always a safe bet for a thoughtful present for your BBF. Think back to when you were younger and all the friendship bracelets you’d swap and the 2 piece heart necklaces you’d wear to ensure everyone else in the playground knew who your bezzie mate was. Now we’re older, a trinket from Claire’s Accessories doesn’t really cut it quite the same. If you want to give your partner in crime a bit of bling this Christmas you need to ensure it’s something that will look fierce round her neck on Boxing Day and help get those double figure likes on her Insta selfie before you both go out. DIWAH Design Your Own Jewellery is absolutely perfect for creating an eye catching statement necklace that is just as stylish, unique and eye catching as your main girl. The website lets you create your necklace (or bracelet) from scratch and design a piece completely one of a kind; from the shape to the gems, stones and components used - you even get to choose the fastening you prefer. Not only is it a boss little present, it’s also fun to create too. 10 minutes on their website will have you thinking that you’ve missed your calling as a jewellery designer. Top Tip: Try incorporate her birthstone into your creations - us girls lap that kind of stuff up, don’t we?


Design your own necklace - various prices DIWAH.com


You can;t go wrong with alcohol when we're talking best mates. God knows she's been with you from your alcopop days, right up to your champagne days and all the tequila nights in between. Botanical gin not only goes lovely in a G&T but with a gin renaissance in full swing at the moment there's so many amazing gin cocktails out there (Brambles all round anyone?) and who best to work through them all with than your best mate? Plus the bottle is super super pretty ❤️ 

Here's a cocktail recipe from The Milk Thistle in Bristol...


40ml The Botanist Gin

40ml foraged hogweed and Alexander Bianco Vermouth

15ml elderflower cordial

5ml lime juice

2 dashes orange bitters

Top sparkling wine

Garnish lime wheel and orange zest



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