What to buy 'Yer Da' for Xmas

Posted On: 15/11/2016

By: Scouse Bird & Paul Bannister

Sometimes it's hard tryng to figure out what the hell to buy everyone for Xmas so I cast my net far and wide to see if I could find some really cool or useful things you can get for your loved ones this Xmas.

Five Things to Buy 'Yer Da' For Xmas

Imagine wearing a camera on your head all the time. Every argument you ever had would be settled in seconds with, “it’s not my fault, it’s yours, and I can prove it!” Whether it be asking your partner to pick you up at 5 and they turn up at 6, or who left all the doors open etc. It would make life easier, but more importantly, it would mean you can prove you’re in the right. Unfortunately, this isn’t realistically viable. What is plausible is taking the same concept and applying it to the roads, and there’s no better equipment to do it than the Mio MiVue 618 Dashcam. It constantly records as soon as you turn your engine on in 5 minute segments and as soon as the memory card is full it just overwrites the oldest videos on a loop. Which means if you ever do get in an accident you can prove it wasn’t you driving like a dick. It also warns you of every single speed camera including the bizzies with the hand held speed guns - how you do dis Mio? Dad's will love this new must have gadget, although if he crashes and it is his fault, he won't be able to blame it on them 'bloody women drivers'. Soz dad.

Mio MiVue 618 Dashcam - £99.99


Dad's have always been pretty easy to buy for; crate of Carling and some socks. Job done. But as he’s getting older and starting to enjoy the finer things in life - what do you do now? What’s finer than a good whisky (literally Gaelic for ‘water of life’) and Famous Grouse Mellow Gold is perfect; it’s crafted to deliver a subtly sweeter, mellow flavour than standard FG. Designed for smoothness, The FG Mellow Gold blends whiskies from rare Spanish sherry casks and American bourbon casks to achieve this new level of smooth. It’s a lot easier to drink straight over ice without pulling that face after every sip (you know the one) or it's recommended to mix with cloudy lemonade and a wedge of orange. Xmas wouldn't be Xmas without that cheeky little dancing Grouse advert would it?


There was a time when if you went to school with your PE kit in an Aldi bag it was social suicide but not anymore. It’s no longer cool to think Aldi isn’t cool. It’s clearly boss! Dads have always known this though. Aldi’s skin care range, Lacura, is becoming more and more well known as offering designer quality at Aldi prices. It comes for both women and for men, and in this modern day society (where metrosexual is a thing, and it’s not frowned upon for fellas to look after their skin) why pay ‘an arm and a leg’ (as dads would say) for skin care, when you can this fab gift set for a fraction of the price? Your dad will love the Revival Serum to wake up his skin - it’s like the freshest feeling you’ve ever experienced. Follow this up with the Gentle 24hr Hydro Cream and his skin will feel dead smooth and he’ll keep asking your mum to stroke his cheek. “Go on Maureen, feel that!”

mens lacura

Mens Lacura Gift Set - £12.99 Aldi 


Obviously we all know that ‘time is the framework within which the mind is constrained to construct its experience of reality’, but whilst doing this, yer da might as well look suave as fuck. With Timex this is easy and without having to drop a months wages. The Timex Weekender Fairfield watch is the most watch looking watch ever – i.e. it’s a classic. If you asked a kid to draw a watch, this is the watch that would be drawn, but the finesse is in the details. Like the super soft leather strap and the artistic stitching that stands out, but only the wearer can truly appreciate. It’s got a big, round, clear face so your arl’ fella doesn’t have to shout ya ma for his glasses every time he wants to know if it’s ‘beer o’clock’ yet – “Sue! Sue! What does that say there??” Then finally, its best feature - a back light similar to a digital watch that illuminates the face in a green glow. Like I said, it’s only about £50, which may be more than you usually spend on your old man, but this year, why not treat him for once. He’s probably earnt it.

Timex Weekender Fairfield Watch - UNISEX - £54 WatchShop.com


Cooking and baking - it might traditionally be thought of as more of a female hobby but  something ridiculous like over 80% of the world's top chefs are men and with the likes of Paul Hollywood knocking round a marquee full of cakes, cooking and baking have never been more dad-friendly. Whether he's looking for something to fill his days of retirement or just looking for more interesting things to do on the weekend than the standard pub and footy, this Scandinavian dessert cookbook - Fika & Hygge will have him scoring big when he decides to play Come Dine With Me with his mates. Fika is Scandinavian for 'to meet up for something delicious' and Hygge is 'a sublime state of cosiness' so I'm sure you can imagine the level of cake porn on offer. Scandikitchen also have a fab trio of their best-selling mustards which make a perfect after dinner game  of "Who's man enough to have a spoonful of the hottest?" 

Fika & Hygge cookbook £16.99 & Mustard Trio £13.99 - Scandikitchen


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