Gift Guide: What to get for your fella this Xmas

Posted On: 12/12/2016

By: Scouse Bird

Sometimes it's hard tryng to figure out what the hell to buy everyone for Xmas so I cast my net far and wide to see if I could find some really cool or useful things you can get for your loved ones this Xmas.

Five Things To Get Your Fella for Xmas (if he's on the good list)

The most well-known brand in designer sunglasses is obviously Ray Ban. If your fella's been angling for a new pair of high end shades, that’s always the first port of call, but stop! There's other choices. Maui Jim, a Hawaiian based sunglasses brand is going to be massive in the UK very soon. They offer all the same traits that you’d get from the designer brands you know and love; Style, Colour, Quality, Strength, Polarised Lens etc, but then they build on it and give you more. The Guard Rail style is a chunkier twist on classic aviators (and we all know, fellas always look fitter in aviators) - super lightweight but not flimsy, they have the patented PolarizedPlus2® lenses to provide ultimate protection from the sun, but most importantly (pretty much the only thing the average person takes into account when buying a new pair of shades) they look cool as fuck. They come in the sickest packagaging ever too. These are a keeper (hopefully just like your man).


Gone are the days when it was seen as unmanly to take care of your looks. With the rise of the strong female came the rise of the metro man. There may still be some fellas who think, ‘Why would I need an electronic exfoliator when a splash of cold water in the morning does the trick?’ But The Clean Sweep by Magnitone gives maximum results for minimal inconvenience. After turning it on, this exfoliator is programmed to go off after 30 seconds. That’s 30 seconds of his morning routine to give his face a quick scrub that provides results like you’ve never seen before. Super smooth skin, glowing in fact, and it’s waterproof so he can do it whilst still in the shower. The best thing about this wondrous device is it’s designed specifically for men, and in particular men with facial hair. From stubble to full on hipster beards, this can clean the skin underneath the hair, removing all dead skin and impurities leaving every part of his grid feeling smooth, fresh and ready for the day. Give your man the gift of boss, extra kissable skin this year.


If your fella hasn’t got an app for absolutely everything possible in the house, is he even your fella? Yep, men love nothing more than a little bit of technology to be impressed by - whether it’s turning the TV over via his phone or tracking the activity of sharks in the ocean on an app, they can’t get enough. So, give him a toy he’ll really be impressed with and get him an S+ by ResMed, the world’s first contactless sleep monitor. It’s advanced smart technology, no wristbands or mattress strips, and does literally everything you could imagine you need from and even some stuff you didn’t know you needed. From relaxing you to sleep with specifically designed rhythmic sounds (actually quite soothing - not just generic whale noises like on that weird sleep CD your ma gave you years ago) to an alarm that gently wakes you within a time window you choose, it’s the full package. Plus, it’s got a chic minimalistic design so it will compliment your nightstand.  You get personalised advice through analysis for your sleep and best of all, there’s even a feature that lets you record things you need to do the next day - because we all know all our thoughts get going just as we’re dropping off. With any luck, it will help him knock off snoring so loud he could wake up next door so it’s also a present for you too.


Finally the hipster trend of beards and stupid fucking curly moustaches is starting to come to an end. It’s been done to death with EVERY man (and some women) jumping on the bandwagon. The new look en vogue is trimmed, sculpted facial hair or even better, clean shaven and stubble. My fella’s had a load of ‘leccy razors over the years and never really raved about them, they did the job, but nothing special. Until he tried the Braun (anyone know why they've changed the pronunciation to Brown???) Multi Groomer. It has three main functions; shave, style and trim, all in one. It’s dead easy to use, and carries out its purpose flawlessly. Plus it’s waterproof so can be used in the bath and shower so no more thin curly one’s blocking up the plug in the sink.



Growing up, us girls move from dolls, to dolls with make-up, to real make-up and so on. It’s a natural progression of growing up. Now, boys on the other hand, never really properly grow up. From the outside they may look grown up, in all senses of the word, but all the things they found super cool when they were little, they still find super cool now even though they might not admit it. These things include, fire, swords, dragons etc. and in this instance, skulls. So, this Christmas when everyone’s gathered round having a bevy. Sneak your fella’s JD and coke into this Skull Jar from and he may act embarrassed, and pretend it’s really lame, but on the inside, he’ll be proper made up.

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