What to buy 'Yer Ma' for xmas

Posted On: 11/11/2016

By: Scouse Bird

Sometimes it's hard tryng to figure out what the hell to buy everyone for Xmas so I cast my net far and wide to see if I could find some really cool or useful things you can get for your loved ones this Xmas.

Five Things To Buy 'Yer Ma' For Xmas 

Find me a mum who doesn't love Bridget Jones. Mum's adore the borderline alcoholic, terminally single, self depracting fuck up that is good old Bridge. I bet they all actually wanted her to end up with Mark Darcy in the final film as well. What that all about?? Regardless of whether you're Team Dempsey or Team Firth, if your mum is a BJD fan, then how gorgeous is this wall art from Spineless Classics? They take an entire book and turn it into a wall art poster. Very, very clever. It's a work of art AND it's a whole book. Double the present, double the brownie points.

Bridget Jones Wall Art - £39.99 Spineless Classics.


We all love a good cup of tea, but now we're all on the herbal and green tea kick rather than good old PG tips - especially for the New Year detox. Mums are no exception. This gorgeous loose leaf tea and diffuser tea set from O-Teas will have your mum feeling all pure and chilled. Imagine her down at Slimming World next week, "Oh Brenda, you're not still wasting your healthy extras on milk in your tea are you?" Anything that helps her get one over on that cow Brenda makes you a boss offspring. Plus the stylish glass set goes with any room in the house. The green 'Yasumi' tea is absolutely delicious as well!

tea set

2 cup teapot set with 2 loose teas - £39.95 O-Teas


Celebrity perfumes are usually... let's be polite and say, not great. Nothing screams Xmas quite like getting your mum the latest Michael Buble album but this year girls, he's branched out into perfume, and actually it smells gorgeous. 'By Invitation' isn't your average sweeter than sweet, fairy vomit in a bottle, Z-list celeb scent - it's a classic aroma, which I'd honestly lump in more with the Chanels of the world than the latest Britney Spears offering.

"The fragrance starts with light, sparkling top notes of red fruits and bergamot then develops its heart notes of lily of the valley, elegant rose, wild jasmine and spicy peony. By Invitation then wraps you in a warm base of sandalwood-musks, blended with an addictive vanilla praline." 

I'll warn you now though, you'll probably want some for yourself as well. I also wouldn't mind a bit of actual Michael Buble for myself as well but that's a whole other thing.

Michael Buble 'By Invatation' - £39 50ml from MichaelBublePerfume.com or The Perfume Shop & Debenhams


Mums love Aldi. It's a fact. They loved it even before Aldi was cool and they used to send you to school with your lunch in an Aldi bag - sly. Now Aldi is dead hip and trendy (as mums would say) and it's renowned for having products that rival designers, for a fraction of the price. For example the Lacura concealer; it's famous for being preferred to a certain expensive French brand... (the concealer is BACK btw after a bit of a hiatus). The new Aldi product making waves (after the concealer and the famous prosecco) is their skincare range. The Caviar range Day & Night creams are well known for being dupes of a very expensive Swiss brand called La Prairie; their creams go for £292 versus Aldi's £6.99! The new Caviar Super Lift kit comes in a dead professional looking box, and rather than being your average moisturiser gift set, it comes with a brush to apply sachets to your face and a little prep tub so when your mum is giving herself a pamper, it'll feel like any £40 facial.

aldi caviar

Caviar Super Lift Kit - Aldi Stores £12.99


This is the sort of miracle cream that will have mums doing happy dances up and down the country. Remescar Medmetics have released a cream that reduces eye bags and dark circles by up to 75% INSTANTLY. No for real. I actually tried it and you can feel your under eye area tightening almost as soon as you put it on. it's like eye surgery in a bottle! For less than £30 as well, it makes a boss Xmas present.

remescar dark circles

Remescar Eye Bags & Dark Circle Cream - Boots £29.95


And of course, you can find loads of more fab things for your mum in my online shop :)


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