How to: Build a bar in your back garden

Posted On: 25/06/2015

By: Scouse Bird

Some people go for a water feature or a nice bit of decking to give their garden the wow factor but fuck that, I decided to build a bar. Well I decided to make my fella build a bar but I was there at all times telling him what to do so call me the site manager.

Building a bar doesn't have to cost the earth and while I'd like to think it's added thousands to my house price (it almost certainly hasn't), all I know is it's dramatically added to our day drinking and social life. 

We had no design to work from, we just headed to B&Q and bought timber, plywood and a bit of bamboo. Here's the bar in stages in case you fancy having a go at building one for the summer. Beats a BBQ party ;)

Img 6856

Img 6857

First he built a timber frame

Img 6858

Then nailed the plywood onto the frame. He varnished it to protect it from the rain.

Img 7209

Then we stapled on roll out grass  and added bamboo (purely for cosmetic reasons)

Img 8417

Img 8416

The timber frame for the roof is bolted into the floor using special brackets and again it was built using a timber frame, plywood and grass. Ta-da! We've got a bar. All in all, it maybe took about 5-6 hours to build over a few nights and bear in mind my fella's got little to no experience in DIY and he was just making it up as he went along. For all the raw materials it cost about £200 in total.

The finished article

Then of course when you have a bar, what do you do? You have a party. Which we did. Here's what it looked like when fully dressed...

Img 8585

Me and my fella in the finished article - complete with boss accessories...

Img 8659

Look how made up me dad is in the bar...

The aftermath

The party was amazing, everyone had a boss time but you try cleaning up the aftermath with a raging hangover. On your birthday. Sly. On the plus side we've now got enough ale to open an offy.

Img 8668

Img 8667

Img 8672

Img 8669

Img 8666

Img 8670

Img 8673

Want to have a go at building a tiki bar? Here's how I accessorised it....


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