“Don’t be like Bill” urges Bill’s baby-mama.

Posted On: 16/02/2016

By: Carl Connor

The mother of internet sensation Bill’s illegitimate child has spoken out today against the campaign to ‘Be like Bill’.

Jen from Everton, who wishes to remain anonymous, dated the stick figure Bill from 2007 to 2011, and in that time gave birth to his son.

be like bill

Bill in 2007, prior to his alleged drug problems.

However, Jen complains that Bill isn’t the role model he appears to be.

“He cheats, he gambles, he lies… I could forgive all that, but he insists on telling people how to live their lives”, Jen stated.

“If he can’t be a role model for our son, Ben, why should anyone be like Bill”, she went on to say.

“He’s not smart - Don’t be like Bill”

“Oh, and he’s got a little dick”.

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