October’s Scarily Low Prices leave Merseyside residents terrified

Posted On: 14/10/2015

By: Carl Connor

Across Merseyside, companies are taking advantage of the Hallowe’en season to introduce themed sales.

However, whether intentionally or not, many companies have reduced prices on their products and services to such an extent that it is “scary”.

scary prices

How low is “scarily” low?

While this ties in well with the Hallowe’en theme, some companies have undoubtedly taken this too far.

An elderly lady from Wavertree was so scared by Hot Cross Buns at 0.49p that she went into cardiac arrest, and is currently recovering in the Royal.

There have been reports of grown men in a pub in Allerton literally shitting their pants on seeing a commercial for a Queen Size Bed for just £299.

The prices have been said to be so scary that Paramount Pictures are planning to have the next Paranormal Activity movie to just be a two hour long catalogue of adverts.

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