Older Generation still yet to grasp that Facebook statuses not just there for them to comment on

Posted On: 09/10/2015

By: Carl Connor

Though Facebook was launched over 11 years ago, it appears that middle-aged users have yet to come to terms with the fact that they don’t have to comment on everything they see, and updates are not just there exclusively for them.

Common examples of this phenomenon include a celebrity posting a picture to their official page, and your great aunt Gladys commenting ‘ooh, you look nice today Ke$ha, when are you next in the UK?’.

old person on facebook (1)

“Like if you have a daughter who’s special" Hey! That’s me!

Similar examples would be when you put up ‘Great night out with the girls ;) xx’, and a mate of your mum’s pipes up with ‘Hi Abby, how’s your mum Brenda, hope she’s been ok since the op, tell her to bring my copy of 50 shades next time she’s in, love you x’.

Psychologists have theorised that rather than realising practically everyone can see these updates, the more elderly of us are convinced that the updates are just for them – However, another group to whom this applies is Drunk People.

The inebriated will also wantonly comment on statuses, especially those of their exes.

However, as we all know, being drunk and being middle-aged are not mutually exclusive.

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