Sexy ‘Grey trackies look’ only works on non-mingin lads, studies show

Posted On: 16/10/2015

By: Carl Connor

The trick of lads wearing grey jogging bottoms (“joggers”, or sweatpants) to make them more attractive is well known across Merseyside, and with these pants being a fashion staple in the area, many onlookers are helpless to resist a grey joggers-clad individual.

However, social scientists have ascertained that the grey sweatpants only act as an attractiveness enhancer if the lad in question isn’t a pure meff to begin with.

 grey tracky

Banging Grey Trackie Bottoms on mingers doesn’t magically make them fitter

Experiments with putting an average looking lad in grey jogging bottoms were shown to increase his desirability significantly – However, doing the same with a proper sket, the individual was still found repulsive.

“It’s simple maths”, say scientists, “If, out of ten, you’re a five, the joggers make you twice as fit. 5 X 2 = 10”

“If you’re a zero, 0 X 2 = 0”.

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