Strange, Non-Football Sport occurring in rest of UK

Posted On: 10/10/2015

By: Carl Connor

The game appears to be some kind of perverse parody of football.

Across England over the past few days, adult men from several countries have been gathering in groups to play sport.

However, shockingly, this sport isn't football.

Everyone is well aware the national sport of Liverpool is football, so this has come as quite a shock to residents.

Instead, the game appears to be a bizarre satire of football, using hands instead of feet, and eggs instead of balls.

The "game" consists of an unnecessary number of burly men running at and hugging each other, sometimes with, and sometimes without this egg.

It lasts 80 minutes, presumably because no-one can be bothered watching the full 90.

Many Sassy Birds have been irked by the fact that these events, popular with bad wools, have taken the place of X Factor on Saturday evenings.

No-one is quite sure where this phenomenon has sprung up from, but, hopefully, it won't catch on.

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