A Little Announcement...

Posted On: 18/10/2015

By: Scouse Bird

It's not very often that I put anything about my personal life on here. Some things just don't need to be broadcast to thousands of people... unless they're interesting and/or hilarious of course... and I'll be honest, there's only so interesting I can make bingewatching Netflix and eating my bodyweight in crisps, crying over how fat I'm getting.

That being said, 'Sassy Bird' has been a bit quiet for periods of time in the last couple of months and it's not without reason. I've been sorting out the new 2016 diary (it'll be out very soon I swear) which has left me with less time to write and edit the website but the real reason for slacking off is that I've not been very well.

I've been exhausted ALL of the time and sick nearly every day... mainly in the mornings actually. I'm having a baby!

I couldn't be happier and I know over the last few years loads of my followers will have become mums too; I love the fact that as I go on journeys, you all go on journeys with me.

baby scan

Nothing will change with The Sassy Bird (she says now) but obviously I'll be able to start contributing to the parenting section on the website which up to now has been solely written by freelance writers - extremely brilliant writers btw and whether you're a parent or not, the articles are hilarious, so have a read when you get the chance.

Hopefully the extreme tiredness and the sickness will lift soon as I go into the second trimester and I'll stop slacking... the worst bit is you can't even have a bottle of prosecco to get you through it! Sly!


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