THE cutest way to remember how tiny your newborn was

Posted On: 22/01/2016

By: Sassy Bird

After seeing photos shared round Facebook the other week of new born babies dressed as Disney characters, I made it my mission to find a really good newborn photographer. In 3 months time I'll be giving birth to my first baby and 10 (they say 9, but it's bloody 10!) long months of being sick, tired and uncomfortable will be coming to an end and I'll have the reward of my tiny, gorgeous (obv) baby. The trouble is, they don't stay that tiny and perfect for long (so I'm told); before you know it they're a stroppy teenager who hates your guts and seems to have inherited every one of yours and your partners annoying traits. K'sake.

So what better way than to keep the memory of your tiny bundle of joy fresh in your mind (to draw strength from for when they're lying on the floor of Debenhams screaming at the top of their lungs in a couple of years time and you're seriously considering adoption) than with a newborn photoshoot? Not the jarg ones you see in shopping centres though, like a proper one that looks like a real piece of art.

How absolutely AMAZING are these ones shot by nunubaby?? I absolutely can't even cope with how gorgous they are!


Deffo getting me one of these done! For more info or to book you can visit their website or follow them on Instagram or Facebook (if you can cope with the cuteness that is... my pregnancy hormones have me all over the show!).


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