Malta: Mdina "The Silent City"

Posted On: 02/06/2015

By: Scouse Bird

Mdina is a medieval walled city from the 1500's which used to be the capital of Malta back in the day. It was first a Roman city then Malta was taken over by the Arab's and then the order of the St John's knights so it's a real mish mash of beautiful buildings and architecture. I must admit I was very curious as to why it was called 'the silent city' but a quick wander around and it becomes very clear. The city is SILENT. You feel compelled to whisper as you walk around, it's a very strange sensation which I've never come across before anywhere. It's like a forcefield of 'SHHHHHHH!' descends on you as soon as you enter the city walls. We tried a great restaurant here called Bacchus. It's a small unassuming door down one of the tiny streets but as you walk in you find it has massive grounds and gardens meaning just that one restaurant is 12% of the entire area of Mdina itself. It would be an AMAZING place to get married. Just have to get Mr Sassy Bird to propose now.

IMG 0435

bacchus restaurant 

IMG 0443


part of the gardens in Bacchus

IMG 0450


mdina by night - all the streets are lamplit, so pretty

IMG 0451 

IMG 0423

IMG 0424

whisper in the deserted streets

IMG 0427

IMG 0428

IMG 0430

hidden gardens and courtyards are everywhere

IMG 0431

IMG 0432

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Sassy Bird 


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